Vitroleros 6" Mini 16 Oz Cantaritos Assorted Colors Agua Fresca Barrilitos Water Containers

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With this assorted 6 pack you will get 6, 16 oz Mexican Vitrolero Cantaritos. These super cute Mexican Aguas Frescas Vitroleros make a perfect addition for your Mexican Themed Party The assortment of colors in the 6 pack is random, and the vitroleros colors may be different from the ones in the pictures. However, every color will be perfect to enjoy your favorite drink! Great decorations for your Mexican traditional fiesta. There are no better cups to have then some aguas locas! Enjoying “aguas de sabor”, soft drinks or alcoholic drinks in these thermoses has been a Mexican tradition for generations! Keep them after your celebration or give them as a gift to your attendees! Cantarito Vitroleros are re-usable and made of long lasting hard plastic. Vitroleros are 16 oz. each. Set of 6


(No reviews yet) Write a Review