Stove 3 Burner Stainless Steel High Pressure Heavy Duty Outdoor

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Product Overview

Equipped with three burner heads, this Propane Gas stove outputs 75,000 BTU per burner (for a total of 225,000 BTU), This Triple Burner provides extreme heat for various different cooking scenarios. From tailgating to catering, this burner stands out for those looking for a little more range in their heat. Built sturdy and designed to last, this outdoor Stove demonstrates the needed combination of power and control. Along with its sleek stainless steel body, the Double Burner comes with detachable legs to make portability convenient and easy to compartmentalize Long lasting and reliably durable, this 3 burner comes with an adjustable high pressure steel braided regulator that allows for a secure source of gas flow. This 3 Burner is supplied with three individual heat dials to control each specific flame. From simmering meat to boiling water, adjust the burners flame to meet your precise need. This 3 Burner Stove measures 47" in L x 33" H x 17" W. There is a 7" space in between each burner.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review