Stock Pot Stainless Steel 52 QT Steamer Brew Big Vaporera Tamalera Tamales 13Gal

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Product Overview

This is a great Stainless Steel Stock pot for Tamales, Chili, Soups, Boils, Crab, Lobster, Other Seafood, or Canning. Make your favorite, Traditional and delicious recipes. Consist of 4 parts: Pot, Lid, Steamer Insert Rack and a Divider to Steam your fresh tamales in style and to help keep the tamales vertical as they're stacked and to help identify different tamales if you're cooking more than one type at once. Make your favorite, Traditional and delicious Rojos, verdes and sweet tamales at once to save you time. Steamer insert makes this stockpot very versatile for your very large cooking needs. Is perfect for steaming or boiling seafood and vegetables to perfection. ALSO great for brewing BEER . Heavy duty commercial quality stainless steel Solid stainless steel riveted handles for extra strength This does also include a steamer insert rack to hold heavier items. It may even function as a standard stockpot for most outdoor cooking needs. Features: 52 Quart Pot (13 Gallons) capacity stock pot with steamer insert Height :15.5" Height with Lid: 17" Diameter:16" Diameter with Handles: 19.5" Weight:11lb Includes Lid Steamer Rack and Stainless Steel Divider


(No reviews yet) Write a Review