Papel Picado 16Ft Plastic Traditional Authentic Cultural Mexican Decorative Fiesta Party Flags Patterned Folk Art Festive Decorations

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Product Overview

Papel Picado is a decorative craft made out of paper cut and beautifuly chiseled with a variety of patterns and used to decorate buildings. It is considered a Mexican folk art. The designs are commonly cut from coloured tissue paper using a guide or template and small chisels, creating as many as forty banners at a time. The pattern used depends on the celebration and can be related to the Day of the Dead, Christmas, Independence Day, a Patron Saint, or a private party. In its most elementary form, Papel Picado is fashioned much as north-of-the-border school children make paper snowflakes. Rectangles of tissue paper are folded and snipped with scissors to create geometric patterns. This basic process, familiar to Mexican people of all ages, is used to create quick and economical decorations that may be hung outside their homes for religious and civic festivities or used to brighten an interior room or patio for birthdays and other family celebrations. The use of paper as an accouterment of religious festivities can be traced back to pre-Hispanic Mexico. The Aztecs used the bark of mulberry and wild fig trees to make a rough paper called amatl . This was employed in numerous rituals to make flags and banners to decorate temples, streets, homes and fields. Paper banners splashed with liquid rubber were common adornments for rituals associated with the rain gods. Colors schemes selected for papel picado are frequently linked with specific festivities. This Includes one 16 Ft plastic Papel Picado. Shows 10 different Designs. Images will vary from each pack of Paper Picado.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review