Paella Pan 14” High Quality Non-Stick Polished Carbon Steel Traditional Mediterranean Cuisine Paellera

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Product Overview

* This frying pan has a carbon steel construction which allows you to use it on a high heat, making it extremely durable, reliable and sturdy.A lavish, family-sized portion of paella with juicy vegetables, sea food and fluffy saffron rice will look fantastic when served in this pan right from the fire! * You can use it for stewing, roasting, frying and stir-frying, so it is handy not only for paella, but for any dish of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, like cilantro lime chicken, seafood paella or baked sole fillet. * The size of this multi-functional pan is designed for family dinners or small parties. Make a tasty Paella with sea food, fluffy saffron rice and juicy vegetables and enjoy it with your closest people. * It’s high quality non-stick shallow surface makes an excellent evaporation for caramelized crust. Two sturdy convenient handles make serving the dish incredibly easy even in fast-paced kitchen. * This Paella Pan measures approx. 15” x 9.5” x 2” This model comes in a silver polished finish. The hammered bottom helps disperse heat and cook food evenly. Hand wash only.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review