Molcajete 10” Mortar & Pestle with free Root Brush, Salsera Salsa Guacamole Tejolote Lavastone Aztec Mayan Toltec Volcanic Rock Ancient Traditional Pre-Hispanic Antique Grinding Stone Metlapil Bowl

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This 10" Molcajete is the traditional Mexican version of the mortar and pestle tool, boasting a classic look with its three legs and pig head mount Used to grind spices and grains, to mix salsas, guacamole. and when not in use, molcajetes give a beautiful, extra rustic and traditional look to your kitchen of any setting Before culinary use, the molcajete should be seasoned by grinding curing ingredients such as but not limited to uncooked rice and white bread against the the molcajete and both sides of the tejolote to fill the crevices of the lavarock After curing, the molcajete is used by simply pressing the 'tejelote' against the ingredients inside the molcajete, effectively breaking down every element into a soft blend This item includes 1 lavarock molcajete & 1 tejolote. Molcajete measures 10"W x 6"H and tejolote measures 2"W x 4"H


(No reviews yet) Write a Review