Gordita Press 5"Heavy Duty Cast Iron Tortilla Maker Burger Pupusa Authentic New

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Gordita Press 5" Heavy Duty Cast Iron Tortilla Maker Burger Authentic New Heavy-duty cast iron for easy and even pressing, Improved base & handle for resistance Heavy balanced weight of the press and bolted handle provides a stable press DIMENSIONS: Diameter (press surface) - 5 Inches, Handle (length) - 8 Inches, Length - 9 Inches, Height - 4 Inches In Latin cooking, not just any manual Gordita Press will Produce Quality Gorditas Flat Breads Fast and Efficiently. With its commercial restaurant grade weight, this Gordita presses fast, evenly and with less hand strength of hand, relying on its natural cast iron weight for leverage. The firm grip handle is securely fasted by its bolted hinge which produces an even motion resulting in evenly flat round Gordita, freshly made and ready to be cooked your way. This Includes : 1 5" Gordita Press


(No reviews yet) Write a Review