Electric Tortilla Machine Press Roller Maker para Tortillas Corn Masa Rolled Homemade Tortillas Maiz

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This Ematik Electric-made commercial Tortilla Roller is built of Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel. It is the perfect cooking tool for making tortillas using masa dough, now re-created. It now has an Electric Motor which facilitates the work at the time of making the corn tortillas, rolling out 8-10 Tortillas per minute!This Electric Tortilla Roller makes your job a whole lot easier when making fresh, home-made corn tortillas. Operating is very simple, the dough is placed upon being rolled into a ball, in the upper portion above the rollers of the hopper and when switched on, the corn tortillas will come out uniform and right away!In which you then may place the uncooked, cut and rolled corn tortillas in a hot Comal, Griddle or your preferred choice of skillet to cook them fresh.You can make tortillas of different sizes in thickness and width, by simply moving the adjusters (Butterfly Nuts) in the back, on the left and right sides. Easily switch to ON, and with your right hand, press the dough inside the rollers. Caution: When pressing the dough be careful not to put the fingers between the rollers. The plastic wedges located inside each side f the hopper will help prevent excess Masa from getting caught.The Machine will start cutting the dough in a shape of approx. 5” diameter. Just flip the front middle bar down on the Hopper so that the tortillas easily catch on and slide right off for great leisure. Keep in mind, it is important that you prepare a soft and well-kneaded dough. The dough’s consistency is important to how efficient your tortilla press will run. Masa that is generally too wet, or sticky in consistency, has grater potential to jam up, or stick to the roller and /or Cutter.Be sure to clean the cutter after every batch or so as desired to ensure consistent, clean cuts for each tortilla. Flick the off switch if necessary and clean the cutter to avoid any masa getting jammed during the process, as excess masa will build up over time causing tortillas to...


(No reviews yet) Write a Review