Comal Stainless Steel 21" Acero Inoxidable Convex Outdoors Stir Fry Heavy Duty

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Product Overview

Comal Panza Arriba is a stainless steel convex comal It's used to cook different types of food like toast tortillas for classic authentic tacos, heating and cooking a wide variety of your favorite foods and searing juices in meat. The Stainless steel convex comal is a very popular cooking utensil used among food vendors on the streets and in restaurants all over Mexico A Stainless Steel Comal with a Convex grilling area it is perfect to fry tacos, quesadillas, gorditas, fajitas and pambazos. This Comal will be a great addition to your home or restaurant. It is water, air and moisture resistant. Use it on your stove top, parrilla, Outdoor Burner, Taco cart, anywhere! Dimensions: 21"D x 2"H Weight: 6lbs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review