Cazo 16" Set Stainless Steel with High Pressure Burner Heavy Duty Stand and Wooden Pala Para Carnitas

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Product Overview

This Outdoor Set includes a Classic High Pressure Cooker with Windscreen... put simply, the best on the market! Strength, function and safety... and the most efficient outdoor gas burner set sold. Comes equipped with a wide-leg tripod design for extra stability; Flame is adjustable using the needle valve on the regulator kit included, for a wide range of flame control This outdoor set also includes a 16” Heavy Duty Flatbottom Stainless Steel Cazo para Carnitas. • Designed for outside use with portable gas stove, but usable on a variety of cooking equipment. This Caso (Cazo) is perfect for many outside cooking tasks. This provide you with everything you need to tackle the cooking experience. Also a 20” wooden Pala will be included, made out of natural wood for durability and delicate mixing. Ideal for any eatery that requires stirring large quantities of food that requires a delicate, but firm touch. Wooden mixing paddle is meant to be used with any large cook pot that can hold a large quantity of food. Since it is crafted out of wood, it will stay sturdy and reliable for quite some time and will endure repeated uses. Set includes a High Pressure outdoor burner with stand, wooden 20” stirring Pala and a 16” x 7” at rim, Stainless Steel Cazo. Stand is 13-inch height and provides low center of gravity for use with large stockpots up to 100-qt capacity; DIMENSIONS 18 inches in diameter by 13 inches high.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review