Bote Chilero Grande Pickle Storage Container with Strainer Insert Contenedor Para Jalapenos Jalapeños Curtidos Pic Deli

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Product Overview

* This Innovative mess-free food storage container with handy lift-up strainer lets you remove pickles, olives, and other foods stored in liquids while keeping your fingers dry. * Product/ Container comes in assorted colors, randomized color will be selected. * This food saver is perfect to hold fresh or jarred pineapples chunks and slices or other fruits. Also ideal for marinating fresh mushrooms or vegetables—just lift the strainer by the handle to remove what's needed. * Made in Mexico from food safe sturdy and durable polypropylene plastic. BPA-free. About 8.5”H x 4.5"W x 4.5”L. Dishwasher safe * The strainer allows you to remove contents with less mess. Leak-proof seal maintains freshness longer. Dishwasher safe and no BPA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review