Taco Cart Stainless Steel Griddle Commercial Catering Portable Burner Tacos NEW

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High efficient stainless steel burner outdoor portable griddle gas burner Thick stainless steel radiant plate, quick and evenly heating Iron-casted . Independently manual controls . Features 1 Double burners and one single Burner, perfect for Commercial Kitchen, Equipment, Restaurant Catering, Guest & Cook interaction. 24X24 IN. 1/4" GAUGE STAINLESS STEEL GRIDDLE 1 WATER PAN 3 STAINLESS STEEL DEEP TRAYS 3 STAINLESS STEEL LIDS 2 BURNERS(1 DOUBLE FLUTE BURNER FOR GRIDDLE & 1 FLUTE BURNER FOR STEAMERS) 2 REGULATOR KNOBS STAINLESS STEEL ALL AROUND 4 WHEELS W/STAND HOSE AND REGULATOR FOR THE GAS TANK