Cazo 21" Dome Lid Steamer Stainless Steel Caso Heavy Duty Carnitas Vaporera

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This 21 " Cazo delivers even heat distribution and cooks faster than conventional methods because includes a Dome Lid. The structure of this dome Lids lets heat concentrate under the dome and cook your food more evenly. You'll also enjoy a delicious smoked flavor as the melting dome enhances that great grilled taste. Includes a steamer basket, great for fish and vegetables, cook your favorite, Traditional and delicious recipes and use the Steamer for Tamales, Meat or Seafood. safe and usable to use on a variety of cooking equipment. Use this Cazo to dish out authentic Carnitas,Mojarras,Chicharrones,Quesadillas, Barbacoa,Tamales,Stews, Fried Pork or Goulash or Put Water in Cazo to steam Lobster or vegetables. Also has riveted handles that will give better Support and durability at the time of carrying heavy food. Elegant design, quality construction, Perfect for any of your outdoor events. Cazo Dimensions: Top Diameter 21" x Height 21" x Bottom Diameter 21"